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Republicans Stay Committed to Fighting for Affordability, Public Safety, and Educational Choice in State Budget Debate


April 7, 2022

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Joshua Bly

DENVER– This morning, the state budget, HB22-1329, passed on third reading in the Senate. The bill will now proceed to a conference committee where amendments adopted during the legislative process will be considered. 

During yesterday’s debate on the bill, Republicans fought for numerous budget amendments aimed at making Colorado more affordable, expanding educational opportunities, and prioritizing public safety; many of which were killed by Democrats.

Below is a summary of the most impactful amendments offered by Republican senators. 

Topic: Education

Budget Amendment 15 

Sponsors: Senators Lundeen (R – Monument) and Kirkmeyer (R – Weld County)

Description: This amendment would have provided $66 million in academic scholarships to students pursuing alternative education opportunities. 

Status: Killed by Democrats

Budget Amendment 14

Sponsors: Senators Lundeen (R – Monument) and Kirkmeyer (R – Weld County)

Description: This budget amendment will fully fund Colorado’s education system by finally paying off the budget stabilization factor. This amendment advocates for school districts to dedicate at least $250 million to increase teacher pay. These funds could increase the annual teacher pay by as much as $4,500 per teacher. 

Status: Adopted 

Budget Amendment 20

Sponsor: Liston (R – Colorado Springs)

Description: This amendment would have provided tuition assistance scholarships for students attending trade schools and technical colleges.

Status: Killed by Democrats.  

Topic: Public Safety

Budget Amendment 11

Sponsors: Senators Cooke (R – Greeley) and Ginal (D – Larimer County)

Description: This amendment increases the salary of State Patrol Troopers without raising taxes. 

Status: Adopted

Budget Amendment 16

Sponsors: Senators Coram (R – Montrose) and Coleman (D – Denver County) 

Description: This public safety amendment creates a grant program to enhance school bus safety. 

Status: Adopted

Topic: Affordability

Budget Amendment 23

Sponsor: Senator Rob Woodward (R – Loveland) 

Description: This amendment would have appropriated funds to replenish the Unemployment Compensation Fund, saving employers money on their unemployment premiums, allowing them to utilize funds to expand their business and hire more employees. 

Status: Killed by Democrats 

Topic: Energy

Budget Amendment 18

Sponsor: Senator Hisey (R – Fountain)

Description: In the midst of the ongoing energy affordability crisis, this amendment would have funded a feasibility study for building small modular nuclear reactors to produce emission free energy in Colorado. Widely praised by environmentalist groups, this study would have merely determined the viability of pursuing such an effort in the state.

Status: Killed by Democrats

Topic: Infrastructure

Budget Amendment 32

Sponsor: Senator Priola (R – Henderson)

Description: This infrastructure amendment would have provided $100,000,000 to be used to fund vital roads and bridges projects throughout the state. 

Status: Killed by Democrats

Budget Amendment 31

Sponsors: Senator Liston (R – Colorado Springs) and Lundeen (R – Monument).

Description: This amendment would have provided close to $1 billion in funding to improve and repave roads in southern Colorado.

Status: Killed by Democrats 

The preceding amendments are part of the ongoing Republican Commitment to Colorado, legislative Republicans’ proposals to make Colorado more affordable, prioritize public safety, and expand educational opportunities. 



If any media outlet requires photographs of any of our Senators, they are invited to use anything contained on our Flickr account with attribution to “Colorado Senate Republicans.”

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