Dennis Hisey

Republican from Fountain

Representing Senate District 2



  • Experience working in the beef, dairy, and logging industries
  • El Paso County Commissioner from 2004 until 2018
  • Elected to the Colorado State Senate in 2018. Term ends in 2022 

The Hisey family includes his wife Kathy, five children and numerous grandchildren. Dennis’ great grandfather settled in Mesa County Colorado in the late 1800s; his grandfather and father were both born in Mesa County. Dennis, returning to his roots, brought his family back to Colorado in 1983 and resides in Fountain, Colorado.

Dennis grew up raising and showing beef cattle, spending summers bucking hay and working at local dairies. He eventually shifted to working in the logging industry in the Oregon forests, drove trucks and owned/operated several small businesses. Through these experiences, he developed deeply held beliefs in the value of hard work and the concepts of personal responsibility and personal property rights. His business background includes retail, manufacturing, transportation and home repair.

Before his 2004 election to the County Commission, Dennis was an active volunteer — graduating from the El Paso County Sheriff’s Citizen Academy and serving on the County Planning Commission.

As a commissioner, he found himself involved in water issues beginning with locating potable water sources for rural neighborhoods that found it necessary to haul water for household use. He was instrumental in the formation of, and was founding chairman of, the Fountain Creek Watershed Flood Control and Greenway District dealing with storm water, flooding and the preservation of downstream water rights.

His involvement in transportation included 12 years on Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments, an organization that included El Paso, Teller and Park counties, and the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority. During that time Dennis became familiar with the process involved in directing state and federal transportation dollars to locally prioritized projects.

As a commissioner, he became personally involved in the implementation of the declining county budget during the great recession which resulted in reducing the county workforce by 10%. After his election to the State Senate in November of 2018, he was elected by the caucus to serve on the Joint Budget Committee.

Committee Assignments

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