HISEY: Now it is up to the voter

By Senator Dennis Hisey

With the session over, the decision-making shifts to the voters who will decide at the ballot box. The legislature referred three measures to ballot, two constitutional changes and one tax increase. None of which does the legislature have the authority to implement on its own.

Charitable Bingo and Raffles Amendment is the working title to an amendment that allows charitable organizations to obtain a charitable gaming license after three years as opposed to the current five-year rule and to hire a manager so long as they are paid no more than minimum wage. Yes, bingo is regulated in the Colorado Constitution.

Repeal Property Tax Assessment Rates Amendment, while the word Gallagher is not in the working title or the full ballot title you will hear this referred to as “Repeal of the Gallagher Amendment”.

The Gallagher Amendment, passed in 1982, requires non-residential property, which includes not just business property but vacant and agriculture land, to pay 55% of total property taxes collected. This would repeal that provision and a companion bill passed by the legislature would freeze the property tax at its current rate. This rate could only be raised by a vote of the people, courtesy of the Tax Payer’s Bill of Rights.

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