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Colorado Senate Republicans Respond to Events in Washington D.C.


January 6, 2021

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Sage Naumann

DENVER – In response to the eruption of violence in Washington D.C. – and specifically at the United States Capitol – members of the Colorado Senate Republicans have released the following statements:

Minority Leader Chris Holbert:

“As we prepare for the 2021 Colorado general session, I am grateful for the reports from the Colorado State Patrol that, thus far, protests at our state Capitol today have been peaceful.

Watching from afar, it saddens me to see our great nation so divided as violence has erupted in Washington D.C. While I honor the people’s right to peacefully protest, I strongly condemn such violence and the siege upon our nation’s Capitol.

I anxiously await confirmation that all nine members of the Colorado delegation to Congress, Republicans and Democrats, are safe.

Let us all renew our allegiance to the Constitution of the United States and to the Colorado constitution and work together in the interests of the People of Colorado.”

Assistant Minority Leader John Cooke:

“When ANTIFA members were desecrating the Colorado State Capitol and businesses around it, we took a stand when Senate Democrats did not. Today, we take the same stand and condemn those who are committing acts of violence in the United States Capitol. In contrast to those across the aisle who ‘stood in solidarity’ with those who attacked people’s house in Denver, I do not stand in solidarity with those who attacked the people’s house in Washington, D.C.”

Minority Whip Paul Lundeen:

“America is a wondrous experiment in self government. The constitution and rule of law are foundational to that self governance. Violence has no part in it. 

You have heard me promote free speech and condemn violence before. I did so when violence struck the people and State Capitol of Colorado earlier this year. I do so again today. The violence at the US Capitol is outrageous and despicable.

The US Capitol, like the Colorado Capitol are house’s of the people. They are symbols of the majesty of our sovereignty as individuals and markers for our ability to govern ourselves.

We have cause for vigorous policy disagreements today. American exceptionalism and our sovereignty as individuals win if we obey the rule of law as we resolve those disagreements. Those who resort to violence diminish the hope and value of our Republic.”

Joint Budget Committee Member Bob Rankin:

“This is a sad day in the history of a nation born on the foundation of individual rights, the United States Constitution, and the rule of law. No matter what our strongly held beliefs may be, disrespect for our institutions and resorting to violence is not appropriate. To preserve freedom and our right to free speech, we must do so without violating our laws or the rights of others. I do not support the actions of the individuals who choose the methods playing out on our TV screens today.”

Senator Kevin Priola:

“Violence is a sign of weakness.”

Senator Ray Scott:

“Yesterday, I watched the events unfold at the United States Capitol in disbelief, just as I did a few months ago as the Colorado State Capitol. Discussion and debate amongst reasonable people has molded the destiny of this nation, not violence. Americans are better than this and it is past time for those whom seek change to stop using violence and begin to use their voice.”

Senator-Elect Cleave Simpson:

“Today I witnessed both the worst of our country and at the same time the best. I absolutely condemn the violence that unfolded today at the US Capital, it was contrary to the values I hold dear as an American. In spite of the insurrection, our constitution and the resiliency of our democracy will prevail. The efforts to disrupt the process and the potential certification of the States electoral college votes will not succeed. True patriots can solve disagreements without violence and insults, we have to do better than this. Peaceful transfer of power is what we all should expect and demand. Election integrity is paramount to a stable democracy. Obviously, there are opportunities for reflection, review and strengthening of voting processes across the country. We have to improve the confidence in the systems for all voting Americans.”

Senator-Elect Barbara Kirkmeyer:

“It was simply wrong, just wrong what happened at our nation’s Capitol yesterday. We all must do better as Americans.”


If any media outlet requires photographs of any of our Senators, they are invited to use anything contained on our Flickr account with attribution to “Colorado Senate Republicans.”

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