SONNENBERG: Northeast Colorado suffering from metro area decisions

By Senator Jerry Sonnenberg

King Jared and Dean Williams have failed to protect Sterling Correctional Facility, leaving the residents of Northeast Colorado vulnerable. Safe in their ivory towers, the governor and his executive director of Colorado’s Department of Corrections sit congratulating themselves while the citizens of Northeastern Colorado are left to correct the mess of their colossal failures.

Gov. Jared Polis and Jill Ryan — his Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment right-hand henchwoman — issued a Stay-at-Home order on March 25th yet continued to move inmates in and out of prisons until April 10th. This unbelievable oversight put our prison workers, inmates, and communities at risk for more than two weeks.

When Logan County Commissioners, the director of Logan County Health Services, and the CEO of our local hospital presented their plan to deal with the imminent crisis – much more effectively, I might add — our great ruler denied them permission to act. Despite Governor Polis and Director Ryan’s apparent belief that they are smarter than our local authorities, the governor’s actions have brought 440 positive inmate cases and killed two as of May 12th. This is an utter failure of the governor to protect people in his own department.

God bless our prison guards and the warden at Sterling Correctional Facility; their dedication to their work is unparalleled as they continue to do their jobs despite their governor and executive director doing everything they can to spread COVID-19 throughout the entire prison system.

Read the rest of this editorial on the Aurora Sentinel website.

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