SCOTT: No more delays on infrastructure funding

By Senator Ray Scott

Now that the 2020 Colorado election dust has settled, it is time to collaborate on solutions to our continuing transportation backlog. It is critical that every possible funding solution is explored and on the table for discussion.

With limited dollars available for major traffic infrastructure projects and repeated voter opposition to tax increases and fees, Colorado leaders need to consider innovative approaches and new funding sources. This includes working with the professionals at CDOT to identify and improve contracting procurement, control the overuse of expensive consultants and to examine bidding systems to make sure low bids are the norm and avoid costly change orders on major projects (once referred to as “waste, fraud and abuse”). Similarly, we need to examine additional and new ways to collaborate with the private sector to leverage public assets. I am confident these two approaches alone could generate billions of “new found” dollars for highway construction.

Read the rest of this editorial on the Colorado Springs Gazette website.

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