HISEY: Highlights from the special session

By Senator Dennis Hisey

With the results of this recent special session pretty widely reported, I was hesitant to just repeat the final outcome but some of those bills could use little commentary.

However, before we go there, let me say I appreciated the process, this was the correct process to debate and allocate monies entrusted to the State of Colorado. With that said, the bills that received the blessing of the governor and majority leadership were the ones that passed and with very few amendments. All other bills and most amendments were quickly killed and many of those amendments were important.

A few quick bills that I cosponsored;

— Expand Internet Access For Remote Learning. This bill basically provides relief for schools to purchase equipment that lets them reach students while teaching virtually. Would expect much of this equipment to enhance the learning environment when the students are back in class, as well -– hopefully sooner rather than later.

Read the rest of this editorial on the Cañon City Daily Record website.

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