HISEY: A special session called by the governor

By Senator Dennis Hisey

Finally! When the Senate Republicans called for a special session on July 28 to address COVID-19’s impact on schools, the students and their parents, it was called a “political stunt to try to score cheap points.”

Now that we’re knee-deep in what we saw coming, “extraordinary action is required.” Not only is this special session past due but we could have dealt with it Thanksgiving week instead of pushing it off to even closer to Jan. 13 when our next regular session begins.

First, a few particulars on how a special session works before we talk about this special session. Special sessions can be called by the governor or by agreement of two-thirds of the general assembly. While special sessions are called for a specific purpose, a legislator cannot be prohibited from introducing bills on any topic they wish – realistically any bill not falling within the guidelines of the special session will likely find itself killed in its first committee hearing and, as always, the governor can sign or veto any bill.

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