GARDNER & LUNDEEN: All is not well at the Colorado Civil Rights Division and Commission, as suspected

By Senators Bob Gardner and Paul Lundeen

The recent audit of the Colorado civil rights division and the commission was nothing short of damning. Failure to properly abide by state law by holding all deliberations and votes behind closed doors, a lackluster ability to properly decide cases in a timely manner, and a refusal to abide by the state auditor’s recommendations present little reason to have faith in the institutions.

The auditor’s findings don’t hold back, stating that the body “does not investigate complaints in a timely manner” and manages itself in a way that “prevents the public from gaining assurance that it operates in a fair and consistent manner.” Even more concerning was the commission’s response to not being transparent, stating that “the commission’s confidential discussions are not subject to documentation. The commission will not engage in creating a record of its deliberations.”

Read the rest of this editorial in the Denver Post.

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