Democrats reject opportunity to foster clean, reliable energy


February 14, 2023

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Joshua Bly

DENVER – Today, anti-science Democrats in the Senate Transportation & Energy Committee killed Senate Bill 23-079, which would have reclassified the statutory definition of “clean energy,” to include nuclear power. During the Committee hearing today, experts from the energy industry testified to nuclear energy’s safety and viability.

In recent years, many states, such as West Virginia, have voted to remove moratoriums in place on nuclear energy in an effort to reduce carbon emissions. Wyoming recently announced plans to replace a coal-fired power plant with a micro-nuclear reactor. 

“It’s time we recognize nuclear power as a vital component of our state’s clean energy future,” Senate Sponsor Larry Liston remarked. “During the committee hearing, we heard from experts in the energy industry who testified to nuclear energy’s safety and viability. It’s disappointing to see my colleagues play politics when we had a real opportunity to do something constructive for the people of Colorado. This just goes to prove my democrat colleagues are all talk and no action when it comes to the promotion of carbon-free energy.”

“Nuclear energy is one of the safest and cleanest sources of energy we have,” Senator Byron Pelton said. “How can the Democrats claim to be for the expansion of clean energy when they vote against a bill like this? It’s clear this isn’t about promoting constrictive policy– this is about maintaining control.” 

Senate Bill 23-079 represents Colorado Senate Republicans’ ongoing leadership in expanding alternative energy sources.  Last year, Senate Republicans introduced Senate Bill 22-073 which would have created a study to explore the viability of nuclear energy in Colorado, and Senate Bill 22-118, which encouraged the use of geothermal energy. 



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