Democrats continue to pass gun control bills despite bipartisan opposition


March 28, 2023

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DENVER – Bipartisan opposition wasn’t enough to stop the democrat majority from passing more gun control legislation that will put vulnerable Coloradans’ safety at risk. This morning, democrats in the Colorado State Senate passed House Bill 23-1219, which establishes a minimum three-day waiting period for the delivery of a firearm from a seller to a purchaser.

Colorado Senate Republicans debated the measure for several hours yesterday, proposing substantial amendments to exempt survivors of attempted homicide, sexual assault, and those fearing for their life from the waiting period.

“It is the General Assembly’s responsibility to provide meaningful solutions to address our state’s ongoing crime and mental health crisis,” Senator Larry Liston remarked. “This bill fails to do that, and could prove fatal for those who are fearing for their lives and exercising their legal rights to pursue self defense. I am very disappointed to see our democrat colleagues reject every single one of our constructive amendments that would have protected Colorado’s most vulnerable.”

“Characteristically, Denver-metro democrats ignored the pleas of rural Colorado,” Senator Byron Pelton said. “In Colorado’s rural districts, it can take up to 45 minutes for law enforcement to respond to a 911 call. This legislation will especially impede the capacity of rural Coloradans’ ability to lawfully protect themselves.”

Other Republican amendments voted down by democrats would have exempted those who have completed hunter safety courses, those with a concealed carry permit, retired peace officers, and ranchers who are purchasing a firearm in defense of their livestock.

“This legislation only creates roadblocks for rural Coloradans who rely on a firearm to defend their property and livestock,” Senator Rod Pelton said. “Our amendments would have offered exemptions to those who have demonstrated their familiarity and immediate for a firearm, such as concealed carry weapons permit holders, hunters, and ranchers. I’m disappointed my democrat colleagues decided to pass this bill and ignore the concerns of rural Colorado.”

The Colorado Senate Republicans were successful in amending the bill to better define who qualifies as an immediate family member. This amendment will send the bill back to the House for consideration. 

Earlier this month, democrats passed three other gun control measures, all against bi-partisan opposition: Senate Bills 23-168, 23-169, and 23-170



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