COOKE: Is crime getting worse in Colorado?

By Senator John Cooke

Colorado is under the grip of two concurrent epidemics; COVID-19, and crime. Both are taking their toll in terms of irrevocable financial loss and lives severely disrupted or even cut short; but only one – the crime epidemic – is largely self-inflicted.

The numbers — taken from any reliable source, including the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the Denver Police Department using the National Incident-Based Reporting System — reveal a grim, if clear, picture: Violent crime is up in Denver, with aggravated assault leading the way with a per-capita increase over last year of around 23%. Property crime throughout the city is up sharply as well, by nearly 12%; burglary is up by 36%, vandalism by 25%, and vehicle thefts by more than 15%. Tragically, murder is up as well. In the first half of the year, January-July, Denver suffered 47 murders — 14 more than reported over the same time frame a year earlier. In the first eight days of July, eight people were murdered in Denver. An additional 10 survived being shot or stabbed.

Read the rest of this editorial in the Colorado Springs Gazette.

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