SONNENBERG: We can defeat this virus — without shuttering businesses and killing jobs

By Senator Jerry Sonnenberg

We have a saying in the country when someone is getting a bit too rambunctious: “Hold yer horses!”

When learning of these new and ever-more drastic restrictions, is there a point at which you would say enough is enough?

At what point is the solution worse than the problem?

We throw around words like “health” and “economics” when in fact it is all about people. It’s about the people who contract the virus and it’s about the people who will not have income for weeks to pay rent, buy food and medicine, and meet all the other priorities that families have. Families who may have taken all of the recommended precautions to protect themselves from becoming ill, but will still suffer costs forced on them by a government working in a panic — a government becoming a police state.

You work hard every day to build your business and provide services or products for your community in hopes of generating enough money to pay your employees, and maybe your daughter’s ballet lessons. Then the government comes in and orders you to close your doors for a week, or three, or six. Is it possible that shuttering nearly every business will have consequences worse than the virus?

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