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Senator Smallwood Tests Positive for COVID-19


March 23, 2020

Press Contact

Sage Naumann

DENVER – Senator Jim Smallwood (R-Parker) received results on Sunday, March 22, that confirmed he was positive for COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus. He released the following statement:

“I want to first let everybody know that I’m currently feeling great. Thankfully, my symptoms were mild and subsided quickly. Unfortunately, this shows just how valuable social distancing is in this difficult time, as despite my best efforts to follow the advice of medical professionals, I still contracted COVID-19 from an unknown source. I am currently quarantined and isolated at my second home in Carlsbad until March 30th. Stay safe, everybody.”

Here are some quick facts about Senator Smallwood’s case:

  • Currently in Carlsbad, California.
  • Will leave quarantine and isolation on Tuesday, March 31.
  • Symptoms lasted from Monday, March 16 until Tuesday, March 17.
  • Symptoms included a mild fever and chills.
  • Tested for COVID-19 out of an abundance of caution on Tuesday, March 17.
  • Positive test results came back Sunday, March 22.
  • Senator Smallwood’s wife was also tested, but her test came back negative.
  • Senator Smallwood is currently 49 years old.

As this time, we respectfully ask that Senator Smallwood’s privacy be maintained and that all questions be routed through Communications Director Sage Naumann at


If any media outlet requires photographs of any of our Senators, they are invited to use anything contained on our Flickr account with attribution to “Colorado Senate Republicans.”

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