Senator Mark Baisley helps lead Colorado to designation as Tech Hub by US Department of Commerce


October 23, 2023

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DENVER – Thanks to Republican leadership in promoting local tech manufacturing, the US Department of Commerce has named Colorado a Regional Technology and Innovation Hub (Tech Hub). The designation provides federal funding for the purpose of further developing technology manufacturing in this state. 

Colorado’s legislative Republicans have long promoted the development of the state’s technology industry. During this year’s legislative session, Senator Baisley (R – Woodland Park) and Representative Matt Soper (R – Delta) championed House Bill 23-1260, which promotes local tech manufacturing by offering tax incentives to qualifying businesses.

“I am glad to see the Department of Commerce recognize all that we are doing to support technology in this state,” Senator Baisley stated. “That being said, there is still a great deal of work that needs to be done. In the midst of this rapid evolution in advancing technologies, the General Assembly must quench its appetite for regulations and instead create an inviting business environment that rewards the entrepreneurs that call Colorado home and encourages new businesses to locate here.  I look forward to leading the charge in the legislative sessions to come.”

Senator Baisley, who has had a 40 year career in information technology, has a multi-year history in leading the Republican effort to promote the state’s technology industry. As a state Representative, Baisley promoted the development of broadband deployment projects in the state with the creation of grant programs (House Bill 21-1289 and House Bill 22-1306). Baisley also led the charge to make statutory provisions to the state’s Joint Technology Committee, and Cybersecurity council to better the ever evolving technology landscape (House Bill 21-1236).


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