Senate GOP Calls on Governor Polis to Convene a Special Legislative Session


July 6, 2023

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DENVER – Today, the Colorado Senate Republicans called upon Governor Jared Polis to convene a special legislative session to address two immediate crises the people of Colorado are facing: the release of violent criminals back onto the streets, and skyrocketing property tax increases.

The unintended consequences of Senate Bill 20-100, signed by Governor Polis, poses a significant public safety threat as it allows for the release of suspected murderers while they are awaiting trial. Recently, the Colorado Supreme Court announced that first degree murder suspects are required to receive bond.

“This issue must be addressed now, not next year,” Senator Barbara Kirkmeyer (R – Weld County) said. “We urge Governor Polis to convene a special session immediately– we need to get back to work, do our job and pass a law that stops protecting suspected murderers and starts protecting the people of Colorado. Let’s not give violent criminals the opportunity to commit additional crimes.”

The Colorado Senate Republicans also requested this special legislative session address what could be the largest tax increase in Colorado history

Earlier this year, Colorado’s county assessors announced homeowners’ property taxes could increase by as high as 60% next year and are now processing a record number of property tax protests

“Constituents have shared their recent property valuations demonstrating a 400% increase.” Senator Cleave Simpson (R-Alamosa) stated. ”Coloradans can’t afford this huge property tax increase and Proposition HH will not fix this issue. We must come together in a special session to provide immediate and thoughtful property tax policy.”

The Democrats’ ill-conceived and rushed scheme would require Colorado voters to approve a ballot initiative to steal TABOR refunds without actually reducing property taxes.  

“I have said it before, and I will say it again: Governor Polis must convene a special session to address the devastating increase in property taxes,” Minority Leader Paul Lundeen (R – Monument) remarked. “The legislature and the Governor must offer a solution that will lower property taxes without raiding Coloradans’ TABOR refunds.” 

“We have spent many hours in committee and on the Senate floor warning about  consequences like these and urging our Democrat colleagues to slow down and think about the results of their rash legislation,” Senator Bob Gardner (R – Colorado Springs) said. “We have called on the Democrats to return to the Capitol this summer to help us fix the mess their ill-considered actions have caused for Coloradans.”


If any media outlet requires photographs of any of our Senators, they are invited to use anything contained on our Flickr account with attribution to “Colorado Senate Republicans.”

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