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Senate and House Republicans Call for Special Session to Address Challenges in Access to Education During COVID-19


July 28, 2020

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Sage Naumann

DENVER – Following an overwhelming outcry from Colorado parents regarding the future of their children’s education during the COVID-19 pandemic, Senate and House Republicans have penned a letter to Governor Jared Polis, requesting a special session to tackle the pressing issue.

The letter, delivered to the Governor this morning, was spearheaded by Senator Bob Gardner (R-Colorado Springs). It is signed by the entire Senate Republican Caucus and the majority of the House Republican Caucus.

“Colorado’s parents are concerned both for their children’s health and their education. If we act quickly, we can provide parents with the resources to educate their children in home or in small groups arranged by them to ensure that their children don’t fall behind,” said Senator Bob Gardner. “The legislature needs to meet now to ensure that single parent families and our most economically challenged parents have the economic resources to provide for their children’s education. We have solutions. We ask the Governor to call a special session now so that we can provide parents with the resources they need.”

Senator Paul Lundeen (R-Monument), echoed those sentiments. “The instinctive drive of parents to find the best learning opportunities for their school-age children transcends politics. We need to give them safe learning choices during our battle against COVID-19,” he said. Senator Lundeen is a member of the Senate Education Committee and is the former Chairman of State Board of Education.

You can view a PDF of the letter delivered to the Governor here.


If any media outlet requires photographs of any of our Senators, they are invited to use anything contained on our Flickr account with attribution to “Colorado Senate Republicans.”

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