Navigating the General Assembly Website: The “Publications” Menu

When visiting the Colorado General Assembly website, you’ll find a menu of topics that organize that massive and growing library of information into general topics. Where that menu will appear on your screen and how you might go about selecting a category depends on whether you are using a desktop or laptop computer versus a mobile device such as tablet or phone. From a computer, the menu will likely appear horizontally along the top of your browser window. From a mobile device, look for three horizontal bars and then press that icon to open the menu.

The ninth category in that menu is titled “Publications”, which provides access to the following information:

  • Find a Publication – Provides access to the three most accessed publications, a link to Search All Publications, and a menu to Browse by Subject all publications.
  • All Publications – Provides access to a database where you can search for a publication based on keyword, publication type, year published, subject, and/or agency.

Sometimes, information provided at the General Assembly website is categorized by who initiated or wrote a given document. For example, which legislator(s) requested a certain bill to be drafted or which agency within the Legislative Branch published a given document. Within the Publications menu, the focus turns to topic, meaning the subject matter of a given publication.

You might be interested to find an issue brief, copy of the current or prior chamber Calendar for the state House or Senate, chamber Journal, staff publication, budget related document, or any other publication from within the Legislative Branch. If so, then the Publications menu is provided to help you find what you’re looking for.

Keep in mind that transparency is the premise within Colorado state government. If a publication exists within the Legislative Branch of Colorado government, then you would likely find it by searching the Publications menu at the General Assembly website

When searching for a publication, the following Subject categories are available, which generally correlate to Titles within state statute:


Business & Economic Development

Capital Construction

Children & Domestic Matters Civil Law

Courts & Judicial

Crimes, Corrections & Enforcement

Education, & School Finance (Pre & K-12)

Elections & Redistricting

Energy Financial Services & Commerce

Fiscal Policy & Taxes

Gaming, Lottery & Racing

General Assembly

Health Care & Health Insurance

Higher Education


Human Services


Labor & Employment

Liquor, Tobacco & Marijuana

Local Government

Military & Veterans

Natural Resources & Environment

Probate, Trusts & Fiduciaries

Professions & Occupations

Public Health

State Government

State Revenue & Budget Telecommunications & IT

Transportation & Motor Vehicles


** The information provided herein is intended for general educational purposes only and is not legal advice. If you have questions of a legal nature, please consult with an attorney.

** Civics Corner content was written with the help of former Senate Majority Leader Chris Holbert.

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