NAUMANN: In Colorado, Democrats made their decision

By Sage Naumann, Communications Director for the Colorado Senate Republicans

Former Democratic Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper boasts of our state’s outstanding economic recovery. At the same time, he hems and haws over whether he’s a capitalist or not. But for the Democrats running the state’s government in the post-Hickenlooper era, they have chosen a different path.

With a divided legislature during six of Hick’s eight years, legislation that would have strangled Colorado’s economy was kept at bay. Most of it would die in the state Senate’s State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee on party-line votes.

But with the “Blue Wave” that swept every statewide elected office and complete control of Colorado’s legislature into the hands of Democrats, that very legislation became the top priority for the party that loses sleep at the thought that its most radical and active Twitter followers might condemn them as capitalists. The horror.

As in presidential politics, Democrats at the state level are engaged in a footrace to see just how far they can push the limit with liberal legislation. Bills are pending that would let localities all but banish oil and gas operations, ignore the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights to institute paid family leave, explore government-offered health insurance, and even to explore automatically enrolling workers into a government-run retirement plan. All the while, what’s left of the informal caucus of moderate Democrats are either keeping their mouths shut or acting in complicity with those that find great discomfort in their state’s economic success.

Read the rest of the editorial in the Washington Examiner.

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