Leader Lundeen on the Signing of Senate Bill 303 


May 24, 2023

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DENVER – Senate Minority Leader Paul Lundeen (R – Monument) has issued the following statement on the signing of Senate Bill 303, a rushed and ill-conceived democrat bill concerning property taxes.

“Introduced at the last possible minute. Signed at an undisclosed location. The people deserve honest property tax reductions, not the bait and switch shell game democrats are playing with the taxpayer bill of rights refunds already due to the people of Colorado.”

Colorado homeowners are bracing for what could be the largest tax increase in Colorado history following last month’s property valuation announcement from county assessors. Beginning next year, Colorado homeowners can expect their property taxes to increase by as high as 60%. 

During the final days of the 2023 legislative session, democrats introduced Senate Bill 303 as their proposed solution without the input or inclusion of Republican legislators. 

The 58 page bill is nothing but an 11th hour attempt by the democrats to blunt the consequences of their own actions. Despite being advertised as a “property tax cut” by the Governor and legislative democrats, Coloradans can expect property taxes to increase by an average of $401 starting next year, and taxpayers will see a reduction of $46 in their annual TABOR refunds.

During his final speech of the 2023 legislative session, Leader Lundeen called on Governor Polis to call a special legislative session to address the looming property tax increase:

Senate Bill 303 was signed into law today by the Governor after giving only a few hours of notice. 



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