How to Watch & Listen to Proceedings of the Colorado General Assembly

During a legislative session, live video from the Colorado House and Senate chambers is provided online via the Colorado Channel website. In addition to those periodic live feeds, the Colorado Channel offers a library of archived videos of House and Senate business dating back to 2008. Comcast customers can also access a combined version of those video feeds via Comcast Channel 165.

On a year-round basis, whenever a committee of the legislature is meeting at the Colorado Capitol, audio feed from that committee meeting location will be available via the General Assembly website. The “Watch & Listen” section of the General Assembly website provides links to each House and Senate Committee of Reference, Year-Round Committees, Interim Committees, and any Other temporary committee that might be created from time-to-time by the presiding officer of the House and/or Senate.

When visiting the webpage for any of those legislative committees, you’ll find a “Committee Audio” link near the top of that page. Clicking on that link will direct you to a menu of current and upcoming meetings of that committee. If a committee meeting is currently In Progress, then the link for that meeting will be highlighted in green. Links to future meetings that have Not Started will be highlighted in purple. Clicking on an audio link for a meeting that is In Progress should also generate an audio reed along with copy of the meeting agenda.

Please note that the Watch & Listen resources referenced above are in addition to and different from remote testimony technologies. While Watch & Listen resources provide one-way access to legislative business, participating in a committee hearing remotely allows for two-way interaction with the chairperson or members of that committee. More information about providing remote testimony to a committee is available here.

Keep in mind that Article V, Section 7 of the Colorado Constitution limits the Colorado General Assembly to meeting in general session for not more than 120 days each year. Outside of that 120-day timeframe, the governor may convene the legislature for a rare special session, which typically last just a few days. 

Otherwise, during the annual eight-month interim, committees of the legislature may conduct meetings, but no actual law-making may occur. Thus, during an interim period, Watch & Listen resources of the General Assembly are limited to audio feeds when one or more committees are meeting. To follow that schedule throughout the year, please refer to the Schedule page at the General Assembly website.

** The information provided herein is intended for general educational purposes only and is not legal advice. If you have questions of a legal nature, please consult with an attorney.

** Civics Corner content was written with the help of former Senate Majority Leader Chris Holbert.

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