SONNENBERG: A not-so-special session

By Senator Jerry Sonnenberg

Despite Colorado’s desperate need of economic relief during this pandemic, the state Legislature did not convene for the promised “special session” through the spring, summer, or fall months to provide the respite the good people of Colorado need and expect from their elected officials, instead waiting until last week. Better late than never, some might say, until they see what the Legislature produced during the long-awaited session.

Unfortunately, it was nothing more than lawmakers executing the agenda of Gov. Jared Polis without any sort of negotiation or alterations. Well, almost: The well-informed legislators added “motion pictures and TV” to the section of a bill that doles out $7.5 million to the music, theater, dance, and visual arts industry. I guess Netflix didn’t do as well as they expected when people were forced to stay home.

Read the rest of this editorial on the Boulder Daily Camera website.

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