Minority Chair

Jim Smallwood

Republican from Parker

Representing Senate District 4



  • B.B.A. in Finance from Fort Hays State University
  • Owner of an Insurance Brokerage Firm
  • Husband and Father of Three Sons
  • Elected to the Colorado State Senate in 2016, re-elected in 2020. Term ends in 2024.

Senator Jim Smallwood represents Senate District 4 which covers much of Douglas County including Parker, Castle Rock, Sedalia and Larkspur.

Senator Smallwood learned about public service at an early age from his father who taught him that service to our country was the greatest calling available to every citizen. Later on, Senator Smallwood earned his B.B.A. in Finance from Fort Hays State University, where he also met his wife, Jodi. At 23, Senator Smallwood started his first business in Colorado – an insurance brokerage firm specializing in employee benefits. In 1996, Senator Smallwood moved to Parker where he, his wife and their three sons are active members of the community.

Senator Smallwood champions affordable and accessible health care for Coloradans and will continue to fight to reduce skyrocketing premiums while working to ensure that all Coloradans have access to quality health care. Senator Smallwood will work to increase transparency and promote fiscal responsibility with every tax dollar.

Committee Assignments

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