Democrats vote to limit womens’ choices over bi-partisan opposition


March 22, 2023

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DENVER – Today, against bi-partisan opposition, Senate Democrats passed three abortion bills through the Colorado State Senate which limit the choices of women facing difficult circumstances.

Senate Bill 188 identifies a problem that it doesn’t solve and instead unnecessarily reiterates that gender-affirming health care and reproductive health care services are legal in Colorado. 

Senate Bill 189 prioritizes abortions over other medical issues by requiring individual and small group health insurance plans to cover the complete cost of an abortion. Democrats rejected proposed amendments from Senator Jim Smallwood that would have included cost coverage for treatment of other life threatening diseases such as cancer. 

Senate Bill 190 suppresses abortion alternatives and marginalizes pregnancy resource centers by declaring the advertising and administration of abortion reversal medication a “deceptive trade practice.”

“A woman has the right to choose life for her child,” Senator Kirkmeyer said. “Whether they are carrying that child in their arms or in the womb. Passing this bill puts that right in jeopardy and puts up an unnecessary barrier to choosing life. Women of Colorado deserve better.”

“My colleagues across the aisle have made their priorities clear by failing to work with us and passing these bills against bi-partisan opposition,” Senator Rich remarked. “These bills discriminate against and punish women, offering preferred treatment to some people instead of others. I want to know why abortion is more important than life saving treatment for things like cancer— something I am all too familiar with. I am immensely devastated to see these bills passed.” 

The bills will be considered in the House in the coming weeks.



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