Democrats Kill Education Tax Bill


February 14, 2023

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DENVER – Amidst falling school test scores and an continuing affordability crisis, Democrats in the Senate Education Committee killed Senate Bill 23-080, a bill that would offer parents tax credits for volunteering in schools.

The bill, sponsored by Senator Paul Lundeen (R – Monument), would have allowed parents to claim a $20 tax credit for each hour they volunteer in their child’s school, up to $500 total. During testimony in the Senate Education Committee yesterday teachers and parents spoke to the bill’s benefits, especially for those who are economically challenged.

“This bill would have greatly benefited our students, our schools, and our communities by providing the support some parents need to be able to show up in their child’s schools,” Senator Lundeen said. “I am deeply disappointed to see my democrat colleagues play party politics when we had a real opportunity here to bring parents more fully into the classroom. Nevertheless, the Republican-led fight to expand education opportunities and parental involvement in schools will endure.”

Last year, Republicans in the state legislature introduced eight bills and one resolution aimed at expanding educational opportunities for Colorado students– democrats killed all but one.


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