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Focus on People Over Plastic

No “Assault Weapons” Ban

“Colorado Lawmakers Are Considering A State Ban On ‘Assault-Style’ Weapons”

March 24, 2021

“Colorado could be the next state to consider a ban on ‘assault-style’ weapons, although discussions are still in the preliminary stages at the Colorado state capitol and no legislation has been introduced yet.”

“Boulder Shooting Prompts New Calls for Gun Control in Colorado”

March 24, 2021

“State Sen. Steve Fenberg, a Democrat from Boulder and the state senate’s majority leader, said lawmakers were discussing new gun-control measures in the wake of the Boulder shooting.”

Sign the petition below and your message will be emailed to Democratic Senators who are the most likely to vote against a ban on “assault weapons” this legislative session. While emotions are high, we must focus on people, not plastic. Help us put a stop to this hasty legislation and sign the petition below.

Email the Senate Democrats - Focus on People over Plastic!

Dear Senator,

I am writing you today to ask that you please reject an "assault weapons" ban that members of your caucus plan to bring this legislative session.

Our entire state is in pain - and especially the community of Boulder - but bandaid solutions such as blanket firearm bans will not solve the root issue in our society: a disregard for life and our mental health crisis.

I ask that you please consider that by supporting a ban on any firearms, you are punishing thousands of law-abiding Coloradans who enjoy certain firearms for sport, hunting, recreation, and home defense. Furthermore, the fact that certain firearms become "assault weapons" with the simple addition of a plastic stock or other features only proves how ineffective such a ban would be.

Please reject this hasty legislation and work across the aisle to invest some of the billions that is coming into the State of Colorado towards mental health services and other programs that will help people.

Thank you very much.

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