Workplace Freedom Measure Clears Another Hurdle

Denver -- Colorado's business climate and competitive edge may have gotten a major boost today, with passage by the Colorado Senate of SB-70, which guarantees that First Amendment rights of free association apply in the workplace and prohibits discrimination against employees based on labor union participation. 

The bill passed second reading on a voice vote and will come up for third reading and final passage Monday.

SB-70 makes it a misdemeanor for an employer to mandate that workers join a union or pay union dues. Nothing in SB-70 makes unions illegal. The bill simply reaffirms a person’s right to freedom of association and their right to decline to affiliate with a union, as enshrined in the First Amendment.

"This bill simply defends the right of free association, as guaranteed in the Bills of Rights, by ensuring that those rights also apply in the workplace," said Neville. "The fact that some people don't understand the importance of that individual right is astounding in this day and age."

A majority of states have passed similar Right to Work legislation. Colorado would become the 27th state to do if SB-70 becomes law.

Neville can't understand the angry opposition from Democrats. "This just gives Coloradans the right to join or not to join a labor union, as they see fit," he said. "It's appalling that opponents of the bill would put the interests of third party organizations over the interests of individual workers."

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