Workforce Development Again Front and Center

Denver -- Picking up where they left off last session, lawmakers on Wednesday unveiled a package of 10 bipartisan bills aimed at bolstering Colorado"s workforce development resources, with an emphasis on getting business more directly involved in training and mentoring students.

Three of the ten "Colorado Ready to Work" bills already are being debated at the Statehouse. Five were introduced today. The remaining three will be introduced by week's end.

Although none are guaranteed to pass, all have bipartisan support, improving their chances in a divided General Assembly.

"Republicans and Democrats in both chambers are joining in support of a group of bills to strengthen our business-education partnerships and expand opportunities for all Colorado youth," said Senate Majority Leader Mark Scheffel (R-Douglas County) at a noontime press conference. "The goal is to provide better tools and expanded experiential training programs for students as they confront a changing economy and a constantly changing mix of possible careers."

The 10 bipartisan bills offered this session add to the 8 approved last session. "By continuing this collaborative effort, we are demonstrating that the commitment to improved educational opportunities for Colorado youth is a true bipartisan priority," said Scheffel.

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