Work on Sexual Misconduct Fix Won't Pause Between Sessions

DENVER - Although the sun will set on this legislative session before a major revamp of the General Assembly’s sexual harassment policies is in place, an interim committee approved by leaders today will keep the forward momentum going in the months ahead, by holding hearings and finalizing the list of reform recommendations for lawmakers to consider when they meet again.

Senate President Kevin J. Grantham (R-Canon City) and others on the Legislative Council agree to establish an interim committee of lawmakers that will spend the off-session months studying the avalanche of reform recommendations that have been made in recent months, from lawmakers, statehouse staff, the general public, and an independent group tasked with conducting an outside review.

“When I launched this review of workplace harassment policies back in December, I hoped, perhaps too optimistically, to have new processes and procedures in place before the end of this legislative session,” Grantham said after the meeting. “But the sheer quantity of excellent ideas we’ve received, not just from the Investigations Law Group but from colleagues, professional staff, lobbyists, and the general public, made it obvious to everyone in leadership that this process will require continued work over the interim period in order to get these reforms right.”

Grantham believes that the extra investment of time will result in a more inclusive process and better end result. “We, of course, want to get our reforms in place as soon as reasonably possible, but we also understand that getting this right is more important than getting it fast,” said Grantham.

The Interim Committee will have 6 members, with three from each chamber. Two of the three will be selected by the majority party, one from the minority party. Committee members are expected to be named at a June meeting. Grantham expressed confidence that the meetings would greatly improve the prospects that new policies could be voted on by the General Assembly at-large not long after the new session begins in January 2019.

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