What's Your ObamaCare Story?

Have you had your insurance policy cancelled due to ObamaCare? Are your premiums skyrocketing? Is there anything Senate Republicans can do to help?

More than 337,000 of our fellow Coloradans have had their insurance policies cancelled because of the radical laws passed by Democrats in Denver and Washington, DC. As we reported this week, an additional 1,755 policies in Colorado have been cancelled in just the last few weeks.

When Democrats were passing these laws, they assured Coloradans that if they liked their healthcare plans, they could keep them. Democrats also said that if you like your doctor, you can keep the same doctor. Unfortunately for Coloradans, both of those promises turned out to be not true.

We want to hear from you directly. Comment below and let us know how ObamaCare has impacted your life and the life of your family.

Together, we can shed light on the disaster that is ObamaCare.

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commented 2014-03-21 20:27:08 -0600 · Flag
Had to change insurance and premium went up! Why do I have to pay for those who cannot afford insurance. They should get a job and support themselves! Change the requirements for aid! Limit the time people are receiving aid. Require only USCitizens to be eligible!
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