Used Car Sales Tax Exemption Moved Forward Despite Democrat Opposition

DENVER – In an effort to assist Colorado’s working class, Senator Larry Crowder (R-Alamosa) authored Senate Bill-77, an exemption of the sales tax for used vehicles in the State of Colorado.

Currently, a vehicle has sales tax applied to it each time it is sold, meaning that the State of Colorado can double, triple, and quadruple dip on the same vehicle. With used vehicles being a common choice for Colorado’s lower and middle class residents, Senator Crowder is in support of this legislation in order to make used vehicles even more accessible to all.

Unfortunately, Senate Democrats didn’t see it the same way and voted against giving Colorado’s working class a tax break. The bill cleared the Senate Finance Committee this morning on a 3-2, party-line vote.

"Our goal here is to lower the cost of reliable transportation for the many, many Coloradans who can’t afford a new car but must rely on a used car instead,” said Senator Crowder. “As the price for a new vehicle keeps rising, but wages and earnings stay flat, buying a used vehicle is the best and only option many of us have. Senate Bill-77 is a good way to help ensure accessibility to transportation for the working class by ending double and triple taxation and reducing the cost of a used car."

The bill will now move to the Senate Appropriations Committee for consideration.

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