Trump Portrait Fundraiser Meets the Mark in Just 32 Hours

DENVER -- The Colorado State Capitol will soon have a 45th addition to its Hall of Presidential Portraits, after Senate President Kevin J. Grantham’s GoFundMe campaign to fund a portrait of President Donald J. Trump ended in success late last night.

After two recent news stories highlighted the lack of a robust fundraising campaign for the portrait, President Grantham took it upon himself to get the ball rolling.

“We’ve all seen the news, there’s no portrait of President Trump on display at the Colorado State Capitol,” Grantham said in a video pitch that accompanied the GoFundMe, “which is why I’m excited to announce that we’re taking the reins and raising $10,000 to get a painting of Donald J. Trump in the Hall of Portraits at the Colorado State Capitol.”

Less than 32 hours after the launch, 191 donors had come forth, contributing over $10,000 to ensure that the President’s portrait would be completed. As of 10:00 A.M. on Thursday morning, there had been a total of 205 donors contributing $10,519. Notable public donors to the GoFundMe include State Senator Ray Scott (R-Grand Junction), Representative Dan Pabon (D-Denver), and former Representative Dorothy Butcher (D-Pueblo).

“With contributions from $5 to $500, and donors across the political spectrum, this effort was a victory for Colorado,” said President Grantham on Thursday morning. “Every President – regardless of their political party – deserves a portrait in the Colorado State Capitol. It was great to see this get done quickly, and we can’t wait to let Sarah Boardman get started on another beautiful piece of art.”

Sarah Boardman, a Colorado Springs resident, was chosen in 2017 to paint the portrait of President Donald J. Trump. She was previously commissioned to paint the portrait of President Barack Obama, and received high praise for her work.

A timeline for the completion of the artwork is not yet set, though Coloradans can expect the portrait to be completed by late 2018 or early 2019.

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