They Deserve a Choice: SB-228 Passes the Senate

DENVER – Senator Owen Hill’s (R-Colorado Springs) education bill to expand school choice in Colorado passed the Senate in third reading today on a 19 to 16 vote.

Under current law, if a parent transfers their child out of their home school district, they must obtain permission from that home district to allow the new district’s buses (or other transportation) to pick up the child. Senate Bill 228 removes this requirement.

Additionally, SB-228 clarifies open enrollment requirements for school districts, such as timelines, online applications, etc.

“This legislation will expand school choice in the traditional school system without costing the state of Colorado a single penny. I hope the house is able to take a look at Senate Bill 228 for what it is – a step in the right direction – and enable our students to receive the best education possible,” said Senator Hill.

Senate Bill 228 will now move onto the House for consideration.

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