Tate Regulatory Relief Bill Gets Bipartisan Backing

DENVER —  State regulators would be required to conduct a much deeper analysis of how the rules they hand down can impact the operations and profitability of Colorado’s small businesses, if a bill that passed its first legislative test Monday becomes law.

Centennial Republican Senator Jack Tate, who authored SB-186, called his bill a potential “game-changer” for state regulators and the small businesses they regulate. “All this bill does is ask those who make the rules to do a much better job of understanding and analyzing the impact those rules are having on small businesses,” said Tate. “It also asks regulators to begin tracking and measuring their fiscal impacts, in recognition of how such regulations can add costs and complexity to business operations in ways that hurt their profitability.”

Without such requirements, it’s too easy for agencies to pile regulation after regulation on businesses, with no broader understanding of the cumulative burdens being imposed over time, said Tate. “Given how critically important these companies are to the state’s economic health, it just makes sense for regulators to take a closer look at how their actions can impact not just the bottom lines, but the survival of our small businesses over time.”  

Follow this link for complete bill details.

SB-186 passed the State Business Labor and Technology Committee on a bipartisan, 6 to 1 vote and next moves to the Senate Finance Committee for debate. 


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