Stay in Your Lane: Neville’s Senate Bill 204 Passes Finance Committee

DENVER – In an effort to require legislative approval for any expansion or modification of Regional Transit District’s (RTD) ridership incentive programs, Senator Tim Neville’s (R-Littleton) Senate Bill 204 passed the Finance Committee today. It passed on a 3 to 2, party-line vote.

The bill requires legislative approval before RTD can expend more tax dollars towards discounting tickets for riding on buses and light rail. This oversight will ensure that RTD takes account of where money is being pulled from in order to incentivize ridership and allows elected members of the General Assembly the opportunity to ask questions regarding the programs' viability and execution.

“We have seen in the past that certain changes impact other riders alongside the taxpayers,” said Senator Neville. “I believe it is within the purview of the legislature to request that those ideas are brought to the legislature before they are implemented.”

Senate Bill 204 now moves to the floor for consideration.

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