Senator Owen Hill

Senator Owen Hill represents the citizens of Senate District 10 in El Paso County. He and his wife Emily, a native of Colorado Springs, have four young children: Kaiden, Miette, Ellis, and Elinor. As the dedicated father of four, Senator Hill champions Colorado’s kids and works tirelessly to ensure that families are given the freedom to determine the best choice for their student’s education. As chair of the Senate Education committee Owen holds that every student is a unique individual with educational needs and goals and should be given the chance to flourish in an environment that best fits who they are.

Owen advocates for the ideas that will create jobs and offer opportunities for success in the 21st century. The current system of concentrated power at the federal government must be transformed into a model where local government, in conjunction with personal liberty, is the priority. The outcome of this model will help us create thousands of local community laboratories experimenting with the best mix of limited government, personal responsibility, and neighborly generosity. Our Founders meant for us to follow this model when they wrote of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
As a graduate of the Air Force Academy with a doctorate in Economics from the Pardee RAND Graduate School, Senator Hill knows firsthand the value of liberty and sacrifice. Owen is dedicated to prioritizing the needs of Colorado’s veterans and ensuring that our brave men and women in uniform are welcomed home with honor and given opportunities to serve in our local community.

In addition to serving the people of El Paso County, Senator Hill also owns his own management consulting company.

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