Senator Neville Wins First Battle to Defend Student Free Speech

Denver—Today, the Senate Education committee unanimously approved Senator Tim Neville's (R-South Jefferson County) bill defending the constitutionally granted rights of Colorado students.

Senate bill 17-062 prohibits public colleges from restricting any students first amendment rights to free speech in any way in a public forum unless the restrictions are reasonable, serving significant government purpose, and do not limit freedom of expression. Free speech includes speaking, distributing materials, or holding a sign. 

The bill also requires that existing free speech zones be converted into monuments or memorials. 

"Free speech zones are counterintuitive to our core values, we should never falter in our defense of our constitutional rights or confine a free exchange of ideas," said Neville. "Students on Colorado campuses are growing into the leaders of tomorrow, and restricting their fundamental rights as they seek out truth and knowledge is contrary to the American spirit as well as the mission of universities."

Senate Bill 17-062 now moves on to a vote of the committee of the whole. 

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