Senate President Kevin Grantham

A husband, father of two, and small business owner, President Grantham is humbled to serve the citizens of Senate District 2 and will continue to fight for a better future for all Coloradans.

Born and raised in the rural community of Crowley County, President Grantham and his family moved to Cañon City in 1998, where he remains active in his community. Outside the Capitol, President Grantham volunteers at a local shelter and is a leader in community outreach organizations like the Lions Club International and Gideons International. 

President Grantham is a 1992 graduate of Liberty University (B.A.) in Lynchburg, Virginia and a 2009 graduate of the Leadership Program of the Rockies. Over the course of his life he has been a hog farmer, sports reporter, onion processing plant employee, highway construction crew worker, restaurant manager, real estate broker, and appraiser among other things. President Grantham’s vast array of work experience uniquely qualifies him to represent all Coloradans and informs his commitment to fight for hardworking families in our state.

President Grantham believes that every Coloradan wants to make a good life for themselves and their families, and that’s why liberty matters so much. He believes in the bedrock principles laid down for us by the Founding Fathers - principles such as the rule of law, personal responsibility, private property rights, fiscal restraint, laissez-faire capitalism, and the right to keep and bear arms.

Senate Committee Assignments
Executive Committee of Legislative Council
Legislative Council

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Phone: (303) 866-4877

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