Senator Cooke Issues Response to Killing of Senate Bill 53

DENVER – This afternoon, Senate Democrats killed Senate Bill 19-053, Assistant Minority Leader John Cooke’s (R-Greeley) legislation to ban the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission from implementing California emissions standards – or any other standards that exceed those issued by the federal government.

“Colorado didn’t elect Gavin Newsom as our Governor in 2018, but perhaps Colorado Democrats wish we did,” said Senator Cooke. “Colorado is unique, and differs vastly in our geography, weather, and our ratio of sports utility vehicles to standard sedans or hybrids compared to California. Allowing an unelected board of appointed bureaucrats to implement standards from another state - resulting in an increase to vehicle costs - is contrary to the purpose of government. We shouldn’t be making it harder for our working class to obtain reliable transportation, and we shouldn’t be forcing specific types of vehicles on the people. I’m disappointed that this legislation died today and am actively working with stakeholders to move forward to defeat these draconian regulations.”

Senate Bill 19-053 failed in a party-line vote in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee.

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