Senate Sends Marble Bill Protecting Good Samaritans to Governor

Denver—Today, the Senate unanimously approved Senator Vicki Marble’s (R-Fort Collins) bill granting immunity to good Samaritans who perform an emergency rescue for an animal or a person locked inside a vehicle.

House Bill 17-1179 shields from criminal or civil liability, those who act  to save a life.  

A recent study found that about 37 children trapped in hot cars die in heat-related deaths every year. This number is even higher for pets.

HB-1179 encourages those who witness these life-threatening situations to take action without the threat of criminal charges or civil liability. 

"Those crucial seconds in which a passerby stops to consider the threat of a lawsuit could mean death for an infant or puppy trapped in a dangerously hot car," said Marble. "These situations should never happen, but they do. It's our duty to provide a safe and legal recourse to help save lives."

HB 1179 now moves to the governor's desk for signature.

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