Senate Republicans Use Petition to Keep Momentum Behind Mag Ban Repeal

DENVER, Colo – Senate Republicans are calling for reinforcements in their uphill battle to repeal a still-controversial ammunition magazine ban approved in 2013, with a petition calling on Gov. Hickenlooper and legislators to restore lost rights and respect for the U.S. Constitution by backing a bipartisan repeal bill, SB-175.

That bill cleared the House Judiciary Committee Monday. Action by the senate as a whole is pending. But the measure could face an uphill battle in the Democrat-controlled House, even with bipartisan backing, given the refusal of some there to concede that the 2013 “mag-ban” was an act of overreach that cost their party politically.

The petition, which can be found here, reads as follows:

Members of the General Assembly and Governor Hickenlooper:

We the undersigned strongly urge your support for Senate Bill 15-175, a bipartisan measure that would restore Constitutional rights lost to Coloradans with the 2013 passage of House Bill 13-1224, commonly referred to as the "mag-ban bill".

That bill trampled Second Amendment rights by arbitrarily banning commonly-used ammunition magazines, creating a backlash that harmed Colorado’s economy and precipitated lawsuits, recalls and a significant power shift inside Colorado’s Statehouse.

You can help restore those lost rights, and rebuild public trust, by supporting Senate Bill 15-175.

“We hope the petition helps remind those opposing the repeal that Coloradans effectively called for this action already, through two successful recalls, one forced resignation and a shift of power at the Statehouse that favored those opposing the magazine ban,” said Senate President Bill Cadman (R-Colorado Springs). “That this repeal bill has bipartisan support shows that at least some on the other side heard the message, much to their credit. Perhaps this petition will help the remaining hard cases with their hearing.”

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