Senate Republicans Push for More Data on ‘Insurancegate’

DENVER—Sen. Mark Udall was cleared by state officials last week of using intimidation to skew Colorado’s insurance-cancellation figures, but it turns out Insurancegate isn’t over just yet. 

Colorado Senate Republicans sent a letter Wednesday asking state Insurance Commissioner Marguerite Salazar for more details on the cancelled insurance policies stemming from the Affordable Care Act. 

First on the list is an updated number of how many individual policies have been cancelled due to Obamacare, as well as how many employer plans have been cancelled. 

The state insurance division reported in November that nearly 250,000 individual policies had been cancelled, a number that was frequently repeated until last week, when Rep. Cory Gardner, Colorado Republican, received a letter from Salazar’s office saying that the number is now over 335,000. 

Click here to continue reading in the Colorado Observer. 

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