Senate Republicans Prioritize Colorado Students

DENVER--Today, Senate Republicans prioritized the needs of Colorado families and students and passed Senate Bill 17-061, carried by Senator Owen Hill (R-Colorado Springs) to provide equity for Colorado charter schools. 

Senate Bill 61 requires that all public schools in Colorado receive an equitable share of per-pupil tax revenue, as well as revenue derived from property taxes.
Under current law, traditional district schools may withhold from charters, in addition to the funding earned through property taxes which traditional district schools are not required to share, 5 percent of per-pupil funding.
Colorado charter schools have experienced a 30 percent increase in enrollment since 2013, and tend to earn higher scores on state assessments than their district peers.
"This is about fair funding for our kids, who are our future, not collateral damage in political games," said Hill. "Just like every other parent in Colorado, my four kids are the most important people in my life, and their education is my top priority. All our kids deserve a fair shot to achieve all the successes this life has to offer, and the best opportunity to achieve comes from a world-class, individualized education."
Senate Bill 61 will be heard once more in the Senate before continuing to the House for consideration.
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