Senate Republicans Move to Restore Lost Rights with Mag-Ban Repeal

Denver, Colo – Colorado voters spoke loudly last year on the need for state legislators to uphold, not erode, Second Amendment rights, through recalls and other election results. And senators today showed they're listening, when the Judiciary Committee took-up a bipartisan bill, SB-175, aimed at restoring gun rights lost two years ago when Democrats imposed ammunition magazine limits. 

The bill passed out of committee today and will next be considered by the Senate as a whole. 

“Today’s passage of SB-175 marks another bipartisan step toward repealing an ineffective law and restoring trust with law-abiding citizens throughout Colorado,” said Sen. Chris Holbert (R-Douglas County), who co-authored the bill with Sen. John Cooke (R-Weld County), the former Weld County Sherriff. “The original legislation was passed with votes from only one party, while this repeal measure enjoys truly bipartisan support,” noted Holbert, who thanked Democrat Sens. Cheri Jahn, Kerry Donovan and Leroy Garcia, along with Rep. Edward Vigil, for co-sponsoring the bill. 

Sen. Cooke said he hadn’t seen any law in his 35-year career as “vague, arbitrary and overbroad” as the law being targeted for repeal. “This ill-conceived and poorly-written law is vague, arbitrary and overly broad.” 

“The clearest message and mandate voters delivered last year was that they don’t want state legislators watering-down or messing-around with their Constitutionally-protected rights,” said Senate President Bill Cadman after the vote. “Republicans today made good on our pledge to help restore those lost rights, and rebuild public trust in this institution.”

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