Senate Republicans Move to Fund Schools

DENVER--Today, the Senate introduced Senate Bill 296, the School Finance Act, carried by Senator Owen Hill (R-Colorado Springs), chair of the Senate Committee on Education. 

Under constitutional obligation, the General Assembly must pass both a balanced budget as well as legislation funding K-12 education in Colorado. 
A balanced budget is required in order to address K-12 funding in schools.
The Senate passed the Long Bill and all associated bills funding the State of Colorado on March 30, 2017. As of Wednesday, the Democrat controlled House of Representatives has not fulfilled their constitutional obligation. 
The School Finance Act in its current form, sets school funding to the budget that passed the Senate on March 30. The bill increases per pupil funding for Colorado schools from $6,367.90 to $6,546.20, providing more resources for kids and teachers in classrooms across the state.
The proposal sets the base for total program funding for all Colorado K-12 schools at $6,585,800,182. 
"Coloradans expect a funded and functional state government," said Hill. "Every bill is important, but this legislation to fund our schools has a direct and immediate impact on our children's futures. Senate Republicans are unwilling to wait to fund education in Colorado. The introduction of the School Finance Act takes a crucial step forward, increasing per pupil funding in a year that forced hard discussions on prioritization in our state budget. Our kids are our future. By investing in our children, we signal to Colorado that our future is bright."
SB 296 has been introduced to the Senate Education Committee.
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