Senate Republicans Introduce Bill to Restore Essential Services in Dept. of Law

Denver—Today, Senate President Kevin J. Grantham (R-Canon City)  Senator Kent Lambert (R-Colorado Springs) Chair of the Joint Budget Committee (JBC), Senator Kevin Lundberg (R-Larimer County) Chair of Senate Appropriations Committee, and the Colorado Senate Republican Caucus introduced two bills to restore essential services within the Department of Law. 

The first bill, Senate Bill 17-196 appropriates crucial funding for information technology (IT)security based on the recommendations of a recent external audit of the Department's IT systems. 

The second bill, Senate Bill 17-197, provides resources for integral legal services for the Department of Education. 

Under Colorado law, the General Assembly is required to pass a balanced budget each year. Supplementals are mid-year adjustments intended to accurately reflect the true costs within State Departments. 


"These two bills address funding for education legal services and IT security," said Grantham "The bills, along with our obligation to pass a balanced budget for the taxpayers of Colorado are far too important to allow outside influences to derail our constitutionally mandated duties." 

"We have a fiduciary responsibility to support necessary funding for essential services," said Lambert. "These two bills speak to funding for legal services for the Department of Education, and critical security upgrades to protect the cybersecurity of our lawyers’ computer networks. Both these requirements deserve our immediate support."

"We are tasked by the taxpayers to fund our vital resources and services, and be guardians of good government, this is not optional," said Lundberg. "Funding these necessary functions is not a political game, it is our duty to pass these bills."

Senate Bills 17-196 and 197 have been introduced to the Senate and are carried by Senator Kevin Lundberg (R-Larimer County) Chair of the Senate Committee on Appropriations. 

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