Senate Republicans Energize Energy Office & Reinforce Coloradans Property Rights

DENVER – In front of the Colorado Energy Office this morning, Governor Hickenlooper signed two important pieces of energy legislation, both priorities from the Senate Republicans during the 2018 session.

Senate Bill 3, authored by Senator Ray Scott (R-Grand Junction), breathes new life into the Colorado Energy Office by establishing a “all-of-the-above” energy policy, encouraging incentives, and programs that bolster the entire Colorado energy sector.

“Government isn’t here to pick winners and losers,” said Senator Scott, who spent over a year working across the aisle (and across chambers) for the reforms, “and with Senate Bill 3, we’re finally reinforcing that axiom in law. Colorado is open for business, and regardless if you’re here for solar, oil, or any other form of energy, your state government is here to make your life easier, not more difficult.”

In addition to reforming the Colorado Energy Office, the Governor also signed Senator Vicki Marble’s (R-Fort Collins) Senate Bill 230, modifying the rules and regulations surrounding pooling orders, ensuring that individual owners of mineral rights are not able to effectively veto their neighbors’ ability to allow drilling.

“Currently, a small minority of mineral right holders are able to effectively hold their neighbors’ mineral rights hostage, resulting in substantial financial losses and opportunities missed,” said Senator Marble. “With the signing of Senate Bill 230, the first major change in statutory pooling law in decades, we will reinforce the property rights of Coloradans for generations to come.”

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