Senate Republicans Elect New Leaders

DENVER -- Colorado Senate Republicans elected a group of new leaders today as the ramp-up begins for a 2019 legislative session.

Former Majority Leader Chris Holbert, from Douglas County, will serve as the new Minority Leader.


Senator John Cooke, from Greeley, was elected Assistant Minority Leader.


Former Assistant Majority Leader Ray Scott, from Grand Junction, was elected Whip.


Senator Vicki Marble will remain Caucus Chair.


Caucus members also voted to put Dennis Hisey, the newly-elected Senator from District 2, on the Joint Budget Committee.


“The people have spoken and our Democratic colleagues now have control of the State Senate, which gives them an advantage in terms of getting legislative action approved," Holbert said following the vote. "But that’s not a license to run roughshod over the 46% of district residents in Colorado who didn’t support their candidates or ideas but still need to be heard, represented and respectfully treated at the Statehouse. Republicans see it as our mission to ensure that everyone in Colorado continues to have a strong voice at the Statehouse, whether they live in rural Colorado or along the more populous Front Range, and regardless of where they stand on the political spectrum.”

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are you going to support the POTUS OR act like the Democrats?
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