Senate Republicans Cheer Demise of Unaffordable Energy Plan

Denver -- Top Senate Republicans today applauded the decision of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to rescind the Obama Administration’s October 2015 “Clean Power Plan” regulations, which were never authorized by Congress and have been challenged by a dozen state attorneys general, including Colorado Attorney General Coffman, as unlawful.

“This EPA action is good news for Colorado and long overdue," said Senate President Kevin. J. Grantham (R-Canon City). "The 2015 EPA goals and timetables for carbon emission reductions were onerous, burdensome and unnecessary, and our state’s economy will benefit from this new EPA direction. It’s time for Colorado to reject politically correct energy mandates and utility rate manipulations that put ratepayers last instead of first.”

Grantham endorsed Monday’s statement by Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman that the goal of energy policy should be a federal-state partnership that “gives States a meaningful role in setting achievable emission standards without dictating how States manage their power grids.”

Senator Ray Scott (R-Grand Junction), chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Energy & Environment, called on Governor Hickenlooper to rescind his July 11 executive order, which declared a new, higher goal for carbon emissions reduction than exists in state law. “Colorado’s constitution and laws,” said Scott, “do not give the Governor authority to unilaterally set new goals for emission reduction and renewable energy beyond the goals set by statute. The federal EPA has now recognized that the carbon emission regulations issued in 2015 under President Obama were unlawful, and Governor Hickenlooper should follow the good example of the EPA and rescind his unwise executive order.”


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