Senate Republican Statement on Kill Committee Vote on Wildfire Safety


Senator Kent Lambert had two bills heard today by the Democrat dominated Senate State Veteran and Military Affairs Committee – also known as the ‘Kill Committee’ because it’s where Democrats send quality Republican legislation to die. 

“I’m extremely disappointed that such common sense legislation was killed in committee on a party-line vote,” said Senator Bernie Herpin (R-Colorado Springs). 

“El Paso County endured the two most severe fire seasons in Colorado history with 834 homes destroyed,” said Senator Kent Lambert (R-Colorado Springs). “Our residents expect government to act with speed when a fire breaks out. Most fires start on federal lands but the state must have the ability to protect property and lives. I’m a firm believer that we need to utilize all the tools in our arsenal when it comes to fighting fires in Colorado and this legislation would have been another weapon for us to deploy against wildfires.” 
SB 45 specifies that if a wildfire that exceeds the capabilities of a fire protection district to control or extinguish, the fire chief is responsible for seeking the assistance of the county sheriff.The Sheriff would then be in charge of coordinating the response and protecting the area from the wildfire. The bill was supported by the County Sheriffs Association. 

SB 77 specifies that the State of Colorado use a concurrent legislative jurisdiction with the United States under the laws of the state over all United States Forest Service lands and BLM lands within the state. 

“It is regrettable that these bills were defeated by Democrats on a party-line vote to the detriment of health, life, and safety in rural Colorado, and the continued destruction of forests, water quality, air quality, property, and jobs. I look forward to our next legislative session when the legislature might be more serious about doing all it takes to manage wildfires,” said Senator Ted Harvey (R-Highlands Ranch). 

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